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How's it work?

Simple! We tell you what it's going to cost you to repair your computer with the best possible accuracy.

Yes, we sometimes charge for certain estimates depending on the problem. This is because it can take an hour or two on the bench to determine the root cause of an issue, especially when disassembly and reassembly is required to work up an accurate estimate.

If you decide to bring  your computer to APV Electronics for expert computer repair, there may be a small minimum bench charge applicable at times for a technician to examine your computer (on the bench) for an estimate. This is common when disassembly and reassembly is needed. This is especially true for laptops as it's very time consuming to get deep inside. Checking the internal damage done from a liquid spill is a good example.

The bench charge can also apply if the problem is serious, intermittent, or for data recovery. However, we always tell you first and we always deduct the minimum bench charge (if it was paid in-advance) from your final repair bill.

If you decide against the repair, the minimum charge plus sales tax is all you'll pay - period!

If a minimum bench charge applies to your particular computer problem (many times it does not) it's only $45.00+tax. NOTE: If you paid the bench fee in advance it's fully deductible from your final repair invoice when the work you approved is completed.

You may notice that some repair shops offer "free estimates all the time"... What they're really doing is guessing what's wrong. This "guessing" means they give you a much higher estimate to make sure they cover a "bad guess". When they charge you by the hour, this "guess" usually means a much higher repair bill for you. This over priced "guesstimate" could also dissuade you from repairing a perfectly good computer and force you to buy new, spending even more. Even worse you could pay way more than the repair is worth.

For our  "no guess" estimate the minimum charge is less than half of the hourly rate of any major competitor. For this bench time, sometimes a few hours, we only charge a flat rate of $45.00+tax, not hourly, just a single $45.00 charge... This fee is fully deductible from your approved repair invoice when the bench fee was paid in advance. While this may not seem as good of a deal as a "free estimate" the bottom line is, the total price you pay at APV will always be less because it's not a "guesstimate"!

There is simply no substitute for a proper technical diagnosis when working to give our customers the best, most accurate, repair estimate we can.

We work very hard to give to our valued customers the most accurate "not to exceed pricing" possible. However, if additional problems are found during the repair process, things that were not apparent at the time of the estimate, we will not hold you to the approved repair. We will undo any work done to that point, absorb the time spent and the cost of any parts ordered. We will even refund to you any special order charges that may have been paid by you in-advance, we absorb the parts and labor spent. When the unknown becomes an issue, you pay nothing other than the minimum bench charge  - period.

The following scenario is a common example of how unexpected things can occur during a computer repair service and how we stand by our customers to protect them from the unknown:

Imagine, your laptop is dead, it got hit by lightning and the bench inspection indicates the power regulators are shorted on the main board, you approve an estimate for a replacement main board $$$, it's a special order, non-returnable, pay in-advance only to get part. We order the part, we put it in, the laptop powers up now only to find the screen was damaged by the surge as well but the issue could not be diagnosed without power.

What happens in this case if you don't want to put that much money into your laptop? Simple... we absorb the cost of the non-returnable special order part, we remove the new main board and most importantly we return the laptop back to you at no additional charge other than the minimum bench charge you approved in-advance.

Most shops will make you keep and pay for the special order part even if you decide against replacing the screen because "there was no way to know" the screen was bad too, and after all your original complaint was resolved, your laptop now powers up, the work you approved is complete.

In the above, all to common scenario there was no way for any estimating technician to know until the laptop powered up that the screen was bad too. Things like this happen with sensitive electronics, when it happens in our shop we don't make the customer pay for it... We strive to make sure everyone leaves with a smile, even if we lose sometimes. Based on our keep the customer happy policy we won't hold you to a repair when surprises pop-up! Just imagine the unknowns when liquid is spilled in your computer, a very common occurrence.

We're a family run family business, A+ rated with the BBB and we care about our customers. We would love to have you as one. Come in and see us today! We promise to do right by you!

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